Should I Be Afraid?

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I read a story on entitled “Democratic-Backed Connecticut Bill Would Ban ‘Latinx’ Term“. The thing that caught my eye was that the Democrats were introducing the bill. Recently, Arkansas adopted a measure that bans ‘Latinx’ from government documents, but that was an anti-woke move by the Republicans. This is different. A group of five Hispanic lawmakers have signed onto this bill because they find the term ‘Latinx’ itself to be offensive.

Normally, this is the type of thing I would write about in a heartbeat. It combines politics, language, and ethics which are three of my favorite topics. But I’m afraid to write about it. I’m not Latino, Latina, Latinx, or Latine. I’m a half Jewish and half Irish mutt. That’s what makes me afraid.

The other day, I wrote about Tyre Nichols, Murder Porn – Nutmegger Daily, but I carefully avoided talking about race. I wrote about how I find it sick that anyone would want to watch a real-life murder and how I don’t think they should have released the video. The reason I avoided race is because I was afraid. I’m just some white guy. I’m not sure anyone wants my opinion, and a lot of people might find my opinion insulting or offensive.

I’m cis and straight. That makes me afraid to talk about LGBTQIA+ issues. I’m male which makes me afraid to write about feminism. I read quite a bit about all of these issues. I think they are some of the most important issues of our time. And I have opinions. I’m just afraid to share those opinions.

I’m even a little afraid to ask even though my question is simple. Should I be afraid?

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