Jamil Ragland

Some Thoughts on Tears of the Kingdom, Part I: This Game is Boring

I was in Puerto Rico last year when I met the living legend Rita Moreno. I had just started a new job as an arts reviewer, and I told her my philosophy behind reviewing things. “I try to always be positive, because I know how hard it is to create something and how easy it…

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For the first maybe ever, I was able to fully relax. I mean fully relax- no lingering concerns, no anxiety about upcoming events, nothing. It was just me and my completely empty thoughts, experiencing existence without judgment or presumption. It only lasted for about ten minutes. It wasn’t long before a thought entered my head….

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Most quotes from famous people about writing describe it as a grueling, joyless experience. I don’t like those quotes because I fear that they discourage people from trying to write themselves. I also find them somewhat annoying- if writing is so awful, why are these people doing it? There is one that does speak to…

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