Has Donald Trump Ruined The Star-Spangled Banner

A guest post from my mom, Maryann Glotzer:

I went to The Hartford Symphony concert Saturday night. It was wonderful featuring some classics and some new music and instruments I’d never seen before. To celebrate some newly minted citizens, including Director Carolyn Kuan, the concert started with The Star-Spangled Banner. I automatically stood as I have my whole life. My whole life I have felt chills listening to our national anthem – not Saturday night. Saturday night I felt ambivalent. Standing was a reflex but once I’d stood I had second thoughts. Black lives do matter. Should I have knelt? Just because you are successful doesn’t mean you forfeit your right to take a stand. Even with Trump as President, employers don’t get to dictate their employees’ politics. Should I be linking arms with my fellow concertgoers? Ultimately, I just stood there and Ms. Kuan seemed delighted that her audience joined in her celebration. Today I’m wondering, has all the bigotry and hatred spewing from The White House ruined The Star-Spangled Banner?

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