Some Random Thoughts About Covid

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I don’t have a lot to say about Covid that hasn’t been said a thousand times, but I got Covid this week. Luckily it was relatively mild. I felt terrible, but there was never any danger of hospitalization or anything like that.

Once I started feeling better, the worst part was the medication, Paxlovid. One of the side effects is a bad aftertaste. Let me tell you, that’s not talked about enough. It’s an awful aftertaste, and it doesn’t go away. You should still take the medicine if it’s prescribed, just be warned.

Covid was bound to get me at some point. Because of work, I literally see over 100 people a day. I’m fully boosted and wear my mask, but the odds weren’t in my favor.

I’m feeling fine now. Still isolating but feeling fine. Isolating is hard.

I feel like I ought to be at least a little angry that I got Covid, but I’m not. I know that too many people have stopped taking it seriously, don’t wear masks, don’t get the vaccine and all of that. I guess I’m just a Covid fatalist at this point. It takes too much energy to get angry.

I think my cat’s happy I’ve been isolating.

I wasn’t prepared for the muscle and body aches. I knew everything was a possible symptom, but, for some reason, I never considered that. It really felt a lot like the flu.

I never lost my sense of taste or smell.

I’m going to continue being as good as I can be with the masks and getting boosters whenever needed. This is not an experience I want to repeat.

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