Elf on the Shelf Memes

We’ve all seen them, “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf,” followed by a picture of two things that rhyme, one on top of the other. When they first started appearing, some were mildly clever. I didn’t find them particularly entertaining, but now I find them downright annoying. They’ve gone too far.

I saw one the other day on a Star Trek account. It was Bob Dylan standing on Quark’s shoulder. (For those who don’t know who Quark is, what’s wrong with you? Go watch Deep Space Nine, like, right now.) I wish I could have scrolled past it, but I hate not figuring something out. So, I puzzled over it.

Dylan on the Quark doesn’t make any sense. Bob on the Quark doesn’t make any sense either. Bob and Dylan don’t work on a Ferengi. Folk singer on the bar tender is a no. Human on the alien is also a no. Then, in a flash, it hit me. Bob Dylan’s real name is Robert Zimmerman. Quark is played by an actor named Armin Shimerman. So, it’s Zimmerman on the Shimerman.

I didn’t laugh when I figured it out. Instead, I was disgusted with myself. I felt dirty. That means there’s either a problem with the meme or a problem with me. I’m blaming the meme.

Sure, a joke has to have an element of the unexpected, but a joke isn’t a logic puzzle. Too many steps ruins the joke. It has to be something you can grasp all at once, almost intuitively. Otherwise, it’s not funny.

So, that’s my little rant. Let me know if you agree with me or if I’m completely off base.

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