Let’s Put the S in Sex

Two swans making a heart shape
Photo by Trevor John Williams on Unsplash

I think everyone knows that X is the sexiest letter. X is the kisses part of hugs and kisses. XXX is the rating for, ahem, adult movies. No other letter carries connotations quite like X. My question is simple. Why?

X is the third letter of the words sex, sexual, sexuality, sexy, etc. Are there any other words where we take the third letter to represent the whole word? If we need a letter to be sexy, wouldn’t S be a better choice? It is the first letter of all those words after all. Plus, S gives us words like sensual, seductive, and sybaritic. X only gives us words like xylophone, which is perhaps the least sexy musical instrument, and Xenarthra, which are perhaps the least sexy animals.

S just has a sexier sound than X, too. X is harsh and abrupt (unless you add an S or two or three to the end of it). S is smooth, silky, sumptuous. If one were inclined to whisper sweet nothings, I’d recommend S over X.

The only thing X has going for it is that it is rare while S is common. X has an air of mystery. But is that something we really want sex to have? It would be healthier to get sex out in the open where people can actually talk about it. So, let’s drop the sexy X and lets S take its rightful place as the sexiest letter.

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