A Satisfying Christmas

As a kid, Christmas is many things. It’s exciting and fun and wonderous and magical. As an adult, it’s different. I still love Christmas, but not in the same way. As an adult, Christmas is a lot more work. It’s our job to make it exciting and fun and wonderous and magical for the kids.

This year, in my family at least, we did a good job. Santa came and all the presents were a hit. I did all the assembling and setting up and downloading so my daughter could play with all her new stuff. Then, I made a special breakfast while she played. After, we went over my parents for lots of good food and family time. She got more presents that she loved, played, and made some crafts. She was very chatty on the ride home and as I was putting her to bed about what a good day she had.

Now I’m tired. I mean really tired. But it’s a good tired. The kind of tired you get after accomplishing something. This Christmas was satisfying. And as an adult, I think that’s the best Christmas I can hope for.

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