A Very Busy Christmas Eve

Good morning. It’s 9:11 in the AM on Christmas Eve. I’m listening to the Campbell Brothers’ Sacred Steel for the Holidays. I’ve woken up, brushed my teeth, pooped, and showered. It’s going to be a busy day. I have to go Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, wrap presents, help mom with pies, go to my brother’s for dinner, pick up my kid, decorate the Christmas tree, and finish reading A Christmas Carol. I don’t want to run into a situation like I had the other night, so I’m going to check in throughout the day. Off to shop. See you in a bit.

It’s 10:57. I just finished at the mall. Listened to Christmas Soul Special on my way here. It’ll be Ella Wishes You a Swingin’ Christmas on the way to the next store. So far, so good. Oh, and I heard All I Want for Christmas Is You for the first time this season.

It’s 11:21. I stopped home for some acetaminophen. Now back out there.

It’s 11:47 and I just finished my Christmas shopping. The stores weren’t particularly busy. Now on to the grocery store. That’s going to be zany.

It’s 12:24. The grocery store was mobbed but I got in and out pretty quickly. Apparently there’s a cranberry shortage. Who knew?

It’s 12:37. Time for lunch.

It’s 1:15 and I’m starting my wrapping. I hate wrapping. At least I can listen to Diana Krall’s Christmas Songs while I wrap.

It’s 2:09. I can only wrap for so long. My legs and back hurt, so I’m taking a break. It’s almost time to help with pies anyway.

It’s 3:38. The apples are peeled and the pies are in the oven. Back to wrapping. Ugh. At least I’ve got the Grinch to keep me company.

It’s 4:24. All done with wrapping, thank goodness.

It’s 4:40. I actually have a little down time. Dinner’s not for another hour. I think I’ll watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol. For some reason as I do my annual reading of A Christmas Carol this year, Scrooge is a duck.

It’s 6:02. Just getting to my brother’s for dinner.

It’s 7:47. Going to get the kid. listening to Christmas in the Stars on the drive.

It’s 8:23. We’re finally putting up the tree and decorating. I know it’s really last minute, but it used to be a family tradition to do the tree on Christmas Eve. Maybe we’re going back to that. Listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas album as we decorate.

It’s 9:13. Everything is done. Now I just have to read the last stave of A Christmas Carol. Then I’ll go to bed and let Santa do his thing.

That was my day. It was a good, busy, productive day. Merry Christmas everyone.

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