Sacred Steel for the Holidays by The Campbell Brothers

Many of you know that each year I do a holiday music binge starting the day after Thanksgiving and ending on Christmas day. It’s one of my favorite parts of December. This year, my favorite has been Sacred Steel for the Holidays by The Campbell Brothers. So, I wanted to share it with everyone.

The album is exactly what it says it is, a collection of eleven holiday songs done in the sacred steel style by one of the top performers of that style. For those unfamiliar, sacred steel is a style of gospel music where they use steel guitars as the lead instrument. Robert Randolph is probably the most famous sacred steel player. It has everything that makes gospel great, but with a twist. It’s the kind of music to get you up and moving and shouting along.

The secret to this album’s success is the joy it brings. It’s irrepressable. And that’s really what the holidays are all about. “Joy To the World” is not only one of the songs they do, it’s the message of the whole album. They also do a funky “Dreydle Song,” and what I think is the best “Little Drummer Boy” ever recorded.

If you want to be happy this holiday season (and who doesn’t want to be happy?), get your hands on a copy of this album. I would suggest going old school and getting the CD, but it is on Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube. You won’t be sorry.

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