Christmas Was a Success

It is a pleasure giving my daughter gifts. She gets visibly excited, really, genuinely excited. It doesn’t even matter that much what the gift is. She’s as happy with clothes as she is with toys or crafts or books. It makes Christmas morning a real treat.

This was a somewhat challenging year for me and Santa. There was nothing that my daughter really wanted, or at least nothing she would tell me about. Just last week, her cousin asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she replied with, “Whatever Santa wants to bring me.” It was a little nerve wracking.

But it all worked out. She was thrilled with what Santa brought her. She kept wanting to stop and play with whatever she had just opened instead of continuing to open more presents. She liked what I gave her and she really liked what her grandparents and aunts and uncles gave too. Now I mostly judge Christmases by how magical they are for my daughter. This one was a success.

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