You know how people say that peoples from the arctic have fifty words for snow? They say it because it’s supposed to seem impressive, but it never struck me as impressive. And apparently it’s not true. That’s too bad. While not impressed, I like the flexibility of language, and it saddens me that arctic peoples don’t have the sort of variety in their languages that we have in ours. To lend support to my position, here are fifty words (or phrases) for rain. While not impressive, it’s a fun list. If you know any that I missed, please leave a comment.


Rain, showers, drizzle, downpour, sprinkle, sun shower, monsoon, typhoon, thunderstorm, pouring, raining cats and dogs, raining buckets, god’s tears, angels crying, precipitation, hurricane, storm, cloudburst, deluge, skies opened up, drips, drops, gully washer, trash mover, toad strangler, heavy mist, sky is crying, spit, spittle, biblical rain, heavy dew, liquid sunshine, rainstorm, volley, stream, drencher, fall, mist, precip, rainfall, raindrops, sheets, window washer, nature’s car wash, thundershower, gusher, mizzle, squall, rainsquall, inundation.

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