A Third Post on ChatGPT

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The first two posts are here and here.

Yesterday I “wrote” a post describing what ChatGPT is. The reason wrote is in quotes is because, in reality, I only wrote the first three sentences. The rest was written by ChatGPT. It was a little experiment. I’m curious how many people who read that post knew that it wasn’t me. My input was, “Write a blog post about ChatGPT.” Then, I copied and pasted its response.

I really hope people realized that it wasn’t me who wrote it. Its style is completely different than mine. If you can call that a style. It was dry and impersonal. There was no attempt at humor. It felt like ad copy. It didn’t start a single sentence with a conjunction. I’d be kinda insulted if people thought it was me.

But no one mentioned anything about the writing being different. No one checked in to see if I was OK. So, maybe ChatGPT is better than I thought. Maybe it did pass as my writing. What do you guys say? Is there still room for real people’s writing?

One thought on “A Third Post on ChatGPT

  1. It opened my eyes to how human ChatGPT’s word can be. Thank you for taking the time to publish this article and share your knowledge.
    The first two posts were ChatGPT written? I would also be interested in knowing how many people who read that post knew that it wasn’t you.

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