I Voted, Whoop-di-doo

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

I voted today. That’s no shock. I’ve voted in every election, primary, referendum, and ballot question since I turned 18. Voting is very, very important to me. Every time before today, I’ve been an enthusiastic voter. Today, I don’t think I could have been less enthusiastic. I’m lucky I made it to the polls myself. I didn’t even bother encouraging other people to vote, and that’s become something of a tradition around here (Just look at this, this, and this).

It’s not that I don’t understand the importance of the election. I’m on record saying that Trump is an existential threat to our nation, and I really believe that. Four years of Trump has been an unmitigated disaster. Four more years would be worse. You would think that would be enough to get me fired up, but it wasn’t. I’m just not the type to vote against someone, no matter how bad. I need to vote for someone.

To say Joe Biden didn’t inspire me is an understatement. Even his most ardent supporters seem to have trouble explaining why he’d be a good president. They just talk about how he’s kind and decent. Not to belittle kindness and decency, the world is sorely lacking both, but I need a lot more than that. At best, Biden is a completely average 77 year-old, white male. I just can’t imagine how he’s even going to begin fixing what’s wrong.

I’m writing this before the results are in. I have no idea who will win (which is weird, but off topic). I desperately hope that it is not Trump, which is why I’ve refrained from criticizing Biden before the election. I just wish I had some confidence in Biden. I really miss the little thrill I used to get when I fed my ballot into the machine. I wonder if we’re too broken for me to ever get it back.

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