I’m Just Angry

Here’s why.

What the fuck has a Democrat done for me?- I’ve lived in Democrat-controlled cities in a state that has been controlled by Democrats for most of my life. Yet the schools I attended were segregated. My neighborhoods have been segregated. I’ve watched my friends and family die in CT in ways that my white friends don’t.

This, after voting in every local, state and federal election since I could. I didn’t expect that 17 years of my votes would alleviate these problems completely, but I did expect some fucking progress.

Barack Obama- The experience of voting with all my heart for Obama, and then watching how both he and the government failed to get anything done is the underpinning of this feeling. Even if he’d been willing to carry out the changes we needed, a racist minority was able to stymie him at every turn. That’s how our government functions on a day-to-day basis.

Then there’s the man himself. He could have filled his cabinet with young, fresh thinkers to lead the party into the 21st century. Instead, with the “team of rivals” okey-doke, he filled it with the exact same people who’ve run Washington for 40 years. Obama helped ensure Clinton’s and Biden’s runs by positioning them for it.

All the shit that DHS, ICE and CBP are doing, running rampant in American cities? They had a bunch of time to practice while harassing and murdering Muslims and immigrants during the Obama administration too.

Last but not least is the advice he gave to LeBron James regarding the NBA strike. These players had built a multi-racial, multi-sport coalition through direct action and shut down professional sports. And Obama fucking killed it by telling him to work through the system So instead of an incipient labor movement, we got NBA owners opening their arenas to vote. You know, the same NBA owners who donate 80% of their political contributions to Republicans. The same NBA who said that we should have a “return to normalcy” next season when all the Black Lives Matter reminders are removed since, you know, the normal state of things is killing niggas when you feel like it. What a fucking joke. It looks to me that Obama would rather the players transfer power from themselves to the system that smiles in their face and stabs them in the back.

The continuity of this bullshit does not serve me.

Donald Trump- I think I’m actually more disappointed than angry at Trump, because I can imagine a world where Donald J. Trump is a decent human being. Can you imagine? He really did tell the entire political and media establishment to go fuck themselves. He really realigned politics. I think we’re even going to get new political parties out of this. Donald Trump really did destroy the old political order, and could have done some great things. It’s just too bad that he’s a racist, sexist motherfucker.

KAMALA HARRIS IS A FUCKING COP-I don’t feel like I need to say much more, but consider this: the best way she thought she could make a difference was by locking niggas up? And win or lose, she’s gonna be one of the leading candidates for 2024. Trump screams law and order and everyone flips out, but I suppose I should be okay with the police state being led by a Democrat.

Joe Biden- Just a regular ass white man, passed up the chain BECAUSE he’s a regular ass white man. And to every person who has said that we should move on from his racist ass past: there are clear benefits to bussing, even with the fucked up experience it is. How many kids do you think were denied those benefits because he wouldn’t stand up for them? And I’m supposed to believe he wouldn’t sell us down the river again?

So yeah, I’m just gonna spend today watching Agents of Shield and relax.

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