An Update

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A little more than a month ago I wrote this post: Mental Health – Let’s Have This Conversation | Nutmegger Daily –. Every post since has been about mental health in one way or another. It seems like a good time for a check in.

First, I am a little bit better. However, I still feel awfully crappy. I’m not sleeping well at all. And I’m not eating as healthily as I could be. I am working with my team (therapist and psychiatrist), using talk therapy and medication. It’s just a frustratingly slow process. There is good news, though. Two stressors, one major and one minor, have been removed at least for the summer. I’m hoping less stress will equal a quicker recovery.

The fact that I’m feeling any hope at all is a good sign. But it’s also got me thinking. I never intended this space to be about just one thing. I usually describe it to people as being writing about whatever is on our minds at the moment. For the past month, I’ve mostly been in my own head, so it’s been easy to write about mental health and hard to write about anything else. With a little bit of hope creeping in, I think I want to write about some other things.

I still think this mental health conversation is really important, though. I’m not planning on abandoning it and I don’t want to screw it up. That means I want to continue to post at least once a week on mental health. On Mondays maybe. I can call it Mental Health Mondays if it needs a name. The rest of the week, though, can be about anything. It may be mental health if that’s what’s on my mind, but it can be anything else as well.

What do you think? Does it sound like a good plan?

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