Something That Bugs Me

Three polar bears walking on the snow.
Photo by Hans-Jurgen Mager on Unsplash

You’ve probably heard people say things like the sun isn’t really yellow or the sky and ocean are not really blue. You might have heard that polar bears aren’t really white. Heck, pink doesn’t even exist. Oh, and the night sky isn’t black. There are probably more examples that I can’t think of right now. People give all sciencey explanations for why these things are not what they seem. Pink doesn’t exist because there is no wavelength of light that corresponds with pink. The sky only seems blue because of the way air refracts light. Things like that.

This bugs me for a very simple reason. None of it is true. All color is a function of perception. It has to do with how light hits our eyes and how our brains interpret the signals from our eyes. That means there are no true colors. Everything is the color that it seems to be. It’s really quite simple.

So, please, stop trying to tell me that things aren’t the colors that they clearly are. You’re never going to convince me.

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