An Interesting Thought

I had an interesting thought, or at least a thought that I found interesting. I realized that virtually everyone has said the phrase, “a partridge in a pear tree,” more times than they’ve said, “two turtle doves.” And they’ve said, “two turtle doves,” more than they’ve said, “three French hens.” And they’ve said, “three French hens,” more than they’ve said, “four calling birds.” And they’ve said, “four calling birds,” more than they’ve said, “five gold rings.” And they’ve said, “five gold rings,” more than they’ve said, “six geese a laying.” And they’ve said, “six geese a laying,” more than they’ve said, “seven swans a swimming.” And they’ve said, “seven swans a swimming,” more than they’ve said, “eight maids a milking.” And they’ve said, “eight maids a milking,” more than they’ve said, “nine ladies dancing.” And they’ve said, “nine ladies dancing,” more than they’ve said, “ten lords a leaping.” And they’ve said, “ten lords a leaping,” more than they’ve said, “eleven pipers piping.” And they’ve said, “eleven pipers piping,” more than they’ve said, “twelve drummers drumming.”

I find it interesting because I feel comfortable making that claim without doing any actual research. If there is someone out there who has said, “twelve drummers drumming,” more than they’ve said, “a partridge in a pear tree,” I want to meet them. There must be some kind of crazy story behind it. 

Another reason I find it interesting is because it’s something so many people have in common. It makes me feel like there is more that connects us than separates us. It fits nicely with the Christmas spirit.

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