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The biggest of the music awards shows was yesterday. I didn’t watch it. It used to be exciting knowing my band was up for an award, but it’s gotten to be too much, so we’ve lost interest.

Kermit the Band won its first award in 2008. We actually won two of them, but it was for the same song, “Lucy”. We won “Best Demo Recording by a Trio with a Great Dane on the Couch in the Living Room” and “Best Demo Recording by a Trio with a Puggle in the Kitchen Drinking Water”. We were thrilled. We didn’t know how they knew where the Puggle was while we were recording, but it feels great to have someone recognize your hard work. We were a little bummed when we found out that the award wouldn’t be presented on TV, but we were still excited.

We’ve won more awards each year since, but that’s not what soured us on them. It was finding out we had each won individual awards. In fact, you’ve probably won one or two yourselves.  Most people have, they just never look at the full list to find out. Gene won his first in 1997. It was “Best Solo Male Vocal with Radio Accompaniment on I-84 East”. He thinks the song was “Midnight Rambler”, but it’s really hard to remember. Greg has won four, all for Shower Singing. And Jeff has won six times for “Best Instrumental Performance At 3 A.M. After Working Two Jobs and Playing in a Volleyball League”.

“Best Demo Recording by a Trio with a Great Dane on the Couch in the Living Room” seems pretty prestigious, but if they’re going to give out awards for singing in your car, it seems like the awards don’t mean too much. We might’ve watched, though. We have a song in a movie for the second time. The movie is Bernice, Too. Unfortunately, we didn’t get nominated for “Best Original Song in a Motion Picture”. If we did, it might have been worth watching. Maybe we’ll watch after our fifth or sixth album when they nominate us for “Best New Artist”. But, until then, we will happily keep playing our music and ignoring all of our major awards.

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