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It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these posts. I’m using Discogs to catalogue my entire music collection. I recently finished folk music. I have 45 folk albums in my collection. Folk is a weird genre label. Almost everything made by folks could be considered folk music. Blues is a type of folk music, as is hip hop. But for the purposes of cataloguing my music collection, I’m using folk to mean what most people probably think of when they say folk music. Things like Peter, Paul, and Mary and early Bob Dylan.

My folk collection is kind of a mixed bag. Some of it, like the aforementioned Bob Dylan, is very popular. Others, like Dock Boggs, are not so popular. Some of it is completely random. I picked up an album called Introducing Connecticut’s Bristol Old Tyme Fiddler’s Club at a tag sale. It’s not my favorite, but not everything can be my favorite, right? Peter, Paul, and Mary are my favorite followed closely by the Kingston Trio.

Woody Guthrie is the largest part of my folk collection. He makes up almost a quarter of it by himself. I used to listen to his stuff a lot. It’s been a while, though. Maybe I should revisit it.

I don’t think I have anything more to say about my folk music collection. I think it’s a pretty good collection. Now all I have left to catalogue is Rock & Roll and Jazz. Those are both going to take me a while.

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