The New TV Season – And A Confession


There’s something I’ve been feeling guilty about for years.  I have a superpower, but all it does is hurt people, mostly the actors, writers and crews that work on TV shows.  You see, I have the special ability to get TV shows cancelled.  All I have to do is start watching the show from the beginning and thoroughly enjoy it.  That’s it.  When I do that, the show is doomed.  Sure, a couple of shows have lasted a little while, like Newsradio and Scrubs, but neither was ever secure or could hold a time slot.  In fact, the only show I can think of where I saw the pilot and thoroughly enjoyed it that became a success was The Simpsons.  The only explanation I can give is that I never watched The Tracy Ullman Show, which is where The Simpsons really started, so it doesn’t count.  I know most people would call this a curse, not a superpower.  Realistically, it is.  It’s just bad being cursed and it makes me feel better calling it a super power.

I’m sharing this because I carry a lot of guilt.  Pushing Daisies, Better Off Ted and Arrested Development are my fault.  I put the cast and crew of those shows out of work.  There was The Grinder from last year.  I’m sorry, Fred Savage.  You were making a legit comeback until I stopped you.  And The Waitress, I’m sorry to you, too.  You should have stayed in Philly.  Luckily, it looks like Rob Lowe’s going to be OK.  This isn’t a recent phenomenon, either.  If you worked on, or were a fan of, Voyagers, please accept my apologies.  The same is true of 1990’s The Flash.  I’m just glad John Wesley Shipp gets a recurring role in the new version.  I’m even powerful enough to defeat Aaron Sorkin.  Remember Sports Night?  I’m that person who watched it.

It feels good to get that off my chest, but it’s not the real reason I’m writing this.  I’m writing this because a new season of television is upon us and I made a mistake.  I am a fan of Michael Schur.  I loved Parks & Recreation.  Although, the first season was rough, so I didn’t really begin to enjoy it until the second season.  That’s how it managed to survive.  And I love Brooklyn 99.  But, when Andy Samberg was on SNL, I found him annoying, so I didn’t give the show a chance right away.  That’s how that show managed to survive.  Without thinking, when I heard that Michael Schur was creating a new show, The Good Place, I set my DVR.  Now, I have watched the first three episodes and thoroughly enjoyed them and I’m panicking.  I don’t want the show cancelled or to live in Scrubs/Newsradio limbo for a few years.  I want the show to be a hit and I don’t know what to do.

I’m hoping to break my curse, sorry, I mean rescind my superpower.  So, please watch The Good Place.  Tell your friends to watch.  Write posts on social media about it.  I’m tired of being cursed.  Help me break my curse.  Then, just maybe, we can all end up in The Good Place.

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