A Long Couple of Days

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Most of the time, I like being a grown-up. It’s way better than being a kid. Finally, after years of trial and error, practice, and learning, you get to live. Really live. The good feels better and the bad feels less bad. It’s not just because I can eat pie for breakfast if I want to. It’s because I’m finally doing what I spent all that time preparing to do.

Sometimes, though, it can be rough being an adult. There’s no one to kiss your boo-boos. The past couple of days have been a bit like that for me. My kid got sick. Thankfully, it’s not COVID. Just a nasty cold. But anyone with kids knows how that ruins your day. And, on top of that, as I was driving my kid to the pediatrician to get checked and tested, my tire blew out. I had to reschedule the doctor and deal with a tow (I didn’t have a usable spare). The tire was too far gone to be repaired and the shop where it was towed didn’t have the right size replacement. So, it had to stay overnight. Today, when picking the car up, we learned that the battery wasn’t taking a charge. We’re not sure yet if it’s a battery problem or an alternator problem. Hopefully I’ll have my car back Monday or Tuesday.

So, I’m writing this for three reasons. First, it’s good to remind myself that even though these kinds of things happen, my life is still pretty good. Second, it’s my little apology for not getting part three of my Capacities, Rights and Essences series up today (Parts one and two are here and here). I should be able to correct that tomorrow. And third, we don’t talk enough about adulthood being better than childhood. Maybe we should correct that.

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