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When the whole coronavirus lock down started, I thought I would get a lot of writing done. It’s kind of the perfect conditions. I can’t go anywhere or do much of anything. I’m by myself most of the time. Instead I’ve found myself with a severe case of writer’s block. I can’t even get started. I don’t have any ideas for things to write about. I even missed my March story for the 12 stories in 12 months challenge.

Part of the problem is that I really don’t want to write about the virus. There’s more than enough hot takes and bad opinions out there. I don’t want to add to that. But, the virus has so completely overwhelmed everything else in society, that it’s hard to think about anything else. I’ve thought about a few things, like complaining about the first season of Star Trek: Picard, or complaining about Bernie and writing something about how glad I am that he’s out of the race, but complaining doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.

I have managed to write a few things that are virus-adjacent. They haven’t been what I want, though. So, I thought I’d try a little experiment. I’d like you to help me with my writer’s block. You pick the topics, you tell me what I should write about. No topic is off limits. I’ll even complain or write about the virus if you want me to. Let me know what you want to read about while the virus has you isolated and I’ll give it my best. Just leave a comment on the blog, or on Facebook, or Twitter, or any other way that you have to reach me. Thanks in advance.

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