Today is the last day of February. That also means I have written a post here every day this month. I wanted to see if I could post that often. It meant that most of the posts were short. It also meant that most were essentially first drafts, but I’m satisfied that I met my goal. Mostly, I was trying to find a way to force myself to write every day. I think it’s a good exercise for me. If people read the posts and enjoyed them, that’s a nice bonus.

I picked February because I thought it gave me plenty to write about, not because it’s the shortest month. It has my birthday (and for the record, it was just a head cold, 40 doesn’t feel like a head cold), Lincoln’s Birthday, Valentines Day, Presidents Day and Black History Month, all of which I wrote about. It also has Washington’s Birthday and Groundhogs Day, but I didn’t get to those. Nor did I talk about the perfect square it made on the calendar. Maybe I’ll try again next year.

It was fun and I hope everyone has a happy March.

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