Feeling Your Fingernails

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I cut my fingernails the other day. (Oh no, where is this going?) Only, somehow, I missed one. It’s the index finger on my left hand. (How do you miss a finger when cutting your nails?) I don’t ever let my nails get particularly long, but now this one nail is noticeably longer than the nine others. Don’t ask how I did it. (We already did.) Your guess is as good as mine.

The thing is, I’m shocked at how noticeable it is. (Shocked? Really?) Whenever I do anything with my left hand, it feels funny. When I pick something up, when I type, when I use my phone, when I do the dishes, it feels weird. (We know what anything means.) There’s something uncanny about feeling your fingertips with all the fingers save one. (Why don’t you just cut the left index finger?)

I don’t know why I haven’t corrected the problem yet. I didn’t think a millimeter would make such a big difference. I just thought I’d share before clipping the offending nail. (Gee, thanks.) I’m off to set things right right now.

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