Happy First Contact Day!

For the uninitiated, First Contact Day is a holiday in Star Trek. It celebrates April 5th, 2063, the day that aliens (namely the Vulcans) make first contact with us.

To the rest of us, it represents one of the most important future dates in human history. I believe that there is life elsewhere in the universe, and probably right here in our solar system. We’re just now taking the baby steps out into space, so we don’t know how to explore out there the way we can here. But someday we’ll be ready, and the mysteries that surround us will begin to reveal themselves.

To think that I get to live in the early days of humanity as a space-faring civilization! This early era may be the history of a Federation-style union of peaceful planets someday. I may have been born at exactly the right moment: when space travel becomes available to civilians. I’m going to space no matter what. Preferably alive, but one way or another, I’m going.

So today is about celebrating the possibility of finding other life in the universe, and the peaceful future we may be able to achieve if we try hard enough. Happy First Contact Day!

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