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If you follow baseball, you’ve probably heard about Bryan Price’s obscenity filled rant during his pregame interview yesterday.  I wouldn’t normally comment on this, but I’m bothered by the way it’s being covered.  It was absolutely fantastic.  Unfortunately, the press was on the receiving end of the tirade, so they don’t see it the same way.
I’m not a big fan of cursing, but I love everything about this.  Bryan Price is my new favorite manager.  I wish more players and managers would actually speak their minds to the press because the press is awful.  A lot of the commentary has been about the fact that the reporter who sparked it was just doing his job.  And then the comparisons go to, “Should a white house reporter go easy on the President?”  The thing is, this is baseball.  The only point to any of it is to entertain the fans and this was highly entertaining.  And Price was right.  Why should he have to sit there and take stupid questions about things that he obviously doesn’t want to talk about?  I’m not a Patriots’ fan, but Bill Belichick is my favorite football coach for the same reason.  He actually calls the press out or refuses to answer their stupid questions.
So, thank you Coach Price.  Keep it up.  I hope other players and managers learn from your example.

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