My Semi-Annual Daylight Saving Rant

I hate Daylight Saving Time.  I hate everything about it.  It makes my electric bill go up.  It means I have to try to wake up and wake my daughter up while it is still dark.  It means I have to try to put my daughter to sleep while it is still light.  It takes me a full week to adjust.  The days we switch are two of the most dangerous days for drivers and pedestrians.  I hate the fact that the commonly accepted reasons for it don’t make sense.  People talk about farmers, but farmers will work with the sun whether we call it 8 or 9.  They talk about saving energy, but at best it’s a wash and many studies show that it wastes energy.  Everything about it is awful, terrible and makes me a less happy person.

One thought on “My Semi-Annual Daylight Saving Rant

  1. It’s one of the most absurd events on the calendar. If you take a whole 90 seconds, you’d see it is virtually pointless. It screws everything up and has negative effects on your biological clock in the long run. Farmers openly detest it and say they have no idea how they got anchored to the myth. You can’t gain or lose an hour, just think about dumb that actually sounds. Arizona abolished that garbage over a century ago and they get off perfectly well. In fact they are probably laughing at us now.

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