Before the finals started, if someone had asked me whom I was rooting for, I would have said Cleveland without hesitation. They were technically underdogs, even with the world’s greatest player. Cleveland is famous for their lack of sports success. I’ve been to Cleveland and liked it. Add to that the fact that San Francisco wins the World Series every other year, I’ve never been to San Francisco and the city is awfully braggy, and the choice is obvious.
However, as I watch the finals, I can’t help but root for Golden State. It’s weird. James is clearly the best player on the floor, but the Warriors are just more fun. They seem to enjoy the game. I keep telling myself that I’m rooting for Cleveland, but I keep finding myself rooting for Golden State.
I guess it just goes to show that Hume was right. Reason really is a slave to the passions. I’d like to see a game seven, but I’d better stop lying to myself and admit I want the Warriors to win.

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