Some Things I Don't Understand

There are some things that people say that I simply do not understand.  I would love it if someone could explain them to me.

  1. Babies prefer people who look like them.  Do babies know what they look like?  I know I didn’t give my daughter a mirror first thing.  Did I do something wrong?  Besides, I don’t look much like my daughter at all (lucky for her), but she seems to like me fine.  What do people mean when they say that?
  2. People are vulnerable because they don’t have claws or sharp teeth.  In the scheme of things, people are huge.  We are bigger, stronger and faster than almost every other land animal.  And most of the larger land animals are herbivores.  What predators do we have to worry about?  Big cats, wolves, bears, crocodiles and a few snakes.  That doesn’t seem so bad.  What do people mean when they say that?
  3. Opposable thumbs are the reason we were able to get so smart.  Really?  Why aren’t squirrels just using maps to find their nuts?  Wouldn’t it be easier for chameleons to set a trap rather than wait all day for their prey?  A whole bunch of animals have opposable thumbs, but we’re the only super smart ones.  So, what do people mean when they say that?

Whenever someone says one of these things, it leaves me baffled.  So, if anyone could explain them to me, that would be great.

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