Some Thoughts On Wimbledon 2015

Wimbledon 2015 finished today. It was an excellent fortnight. Here are some thoughts I had about the tournament.
Serena Williams is amazing. Her match against Heather Watson was riveting. And while the result of the final was never really in doubt, the fact that her nerves were apparent somehow made her more likable.
Federer is old. I hate to say that since I have more than a few years on him, but it’s the truth. Having said that, he still plays an extraordinarily high level of tennis. Djokovic is the only player right now that is consistently better, which is amazing.
Tiebreakers are stupid. The Isner/Cilic match was the most entertaining of the tournament. It was suspended due to darkness at 10 all in the fifth set. It was a real bummer that Cilic won so quickly when they resumed the next day.
I still wish they showed more doubles on TV.
There was something wrong with the women’s rankings. Williams had to beat her sister, Azarenka and Sharapova before reaching the final. At least one of those should have been on the other side of the bracket.
The commercials make me think I’m not the target audience.
Djokovic is clearly the top of his generation.
It was nice to see some net play. I’d still like more. I remember when the court was worn near the net. Now everyone stays at the baseline. It was a smart strategy on Federer’s part. Too bad it wasn’t enough. It would have been nice to see him get one more.
I hope Serena wins the US Open to tie Graf and get the slam. New York will be rocking if that happens.

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