The All Star Break

Here we are at the All Star Break for the 2015 Major League Baseball season. I hate the All Star Break. It basically means three or four days without baseball. Sure there’s the All Star Game itself, but it’s not a real game. I might have wanted to watch this year if eight Royals had made the team just because it would be something different. But, alas, that didn’t happen, so it will be the same old same old. A bunch of guys going through the motions. And then there’s the Home Run Derby. That stopped being fun halfway through the first round of the first time it was on TV. When will they learn that home runs aren’t very exciting on their own. If they don’t change the score of a game, we’re just watching people practice.

I wish MLB would get creative and try something different. I would watch a skills competition like the NHL. They could race like we did when we were kids, start and end at home, but run in different directions around the bases. The could have throwing competitions, for distance and accuracy. That would be something to watch. Instead I’ll just catch up on my reading and my DVR and look forward to the real games coming this weekend.

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