Sous Cheffing

Lately I’ve been sous cheffing. I’m only second in command because there are only two of us. I’d be much lower down than sous if there were more of us.

Today I made meatballs, pretty much on my own. My partner was busy with the sauce. They are made from pork, beef, bread, and some seasoning. They are the golf-ball sized meatballs, not the giant cannonballs. I put them in the oven to brown and now they’re sitting in the sauce.

They funny thing is how much fancier I eat when my partner’s around. She thinks this was a quick, easy meal, but it took more than half an hour to get the meatballs and sauce together. Then we wait for 45 minutes, then make the pasta, then we can eat.

On my own, when I’m the head chef, I would just make the pasta and put some butter and cheese on it. The whole process would be about 10-15 minutes. Even that feels like a long time. 45 minutes is an eternity in the kitchen. At least it is for grown men who eat like 6-year-olds.

I hope the meatballs come out well. I hate being the weak link, even though I always am. We’ll see.

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