Thank You CT Rail

I’ve bounced around from job to job over the last few years, but I recently landed a position with the Partnership for Strong Communities which I think will be a really good fit for me in the long term. One of my responsibilities at my job is to attend meetings as a representative of PSC. Two of these meetings have required me to travel to New Haven. As you may know, I don’t drive.

The opening of the CT Rail line coincided perfectly with my new job. The rail line opened on June 16th (my son and I took the train to New Haven that day too and then spent the day in New York City), and my first meeting in West Haven was June 20th. I had no problem getting there, and today again I had no problem getting to New Haven for another meeting. This form of public transportation is making it possible for me to do my job.

I’m pleasantly surprised to find that the ridership seems steady and the delays seem manageable. Since the line has opened, I’ve talked to a different friend who has taken the line almost every day.  Hearing about their travels makes me think of a day when the entire Eastern Seaboard is connected by high speed rail. It’s a region that has 50 million people and produces 20% of the national GDP- there’s no good reason why it hasn’t happened already.

But this is a message of appreciation, so let’s keep the tone light. I’m already thinking about going back to the city a few more times this year with Gabe, and it’ll be a pleasure to take the train instead of the bus.

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