The Best Weekend of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s ConnectiCon!

Today, I’m going to put aside all the stress and anxiety, all the worries about politics and the future, all the concerns about money and dating, and nerd all the way out. I’m going to panels. I’m buying merchandise. I’m meeting up with friends I haven’t seen since last year’s ConnectiCon. I’m going to veg out in front of videogames for hours on end.

Then I’m going over to the Food Truck Festival and eating the fattiest, greasiest, least healthy food I can find. I want to eat something that will literally take minutes off my life. I don’t care if it drips down my chin and onto my shirt and makes a total mess. I’ll be pigging out on the waterfront several times today. I’ll try to work some of it off with a Lime Bike ride with Gabe, but I’m doing that because he’s interested, not because I want to burn calories. No worries today.

And THEN I’m going to watch the fireworks tonight. This is the way that we celebrate Gabriel’s birthday- ConnectiCon is always the weekend after his birthday, and this year he has tons of money to spend on whatever he wants. Why am I writing this? I need to go get ready!

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