2023 – A Look Ahead

Photo by Amokrane Ait-Kaci on Unsplash

Tis the season for retrospectives and prognostication. Since I wrote a retrospective of 2022 yesterday, I thought I’d try prognosticating 2023 today. The retrospective was personal. This will not be. That’s mostly because when I try to look at my year ahead, all I see is a void agape. I suppose I’ll try the edTPA again, although I’m not at all confident of passing it. I’ll most likely keep writing for Phlexible Philosophy, Culture Slate, and Grunt Talks MLB. That’s all I can think of regarding me.

As for the world at large, I have a few guesses. The most exciting one is that I really think we’ll discover evidence of alien life this year. It may just be microbes somewhere in our solar system, but it’ll still be huge.

I also think that the Democrats are going to get trounced in the odd-year election. They’ll try to pass it off as just local elections, but local elections affect our day-to-day lives more than national elections. Plus, it will give the Republicans more control over future elections.

I believe the Red Sox will finish in last place again. They just look worse than every other team in the division. All they’ve done in the offseason is get older. A lot can happen in the three months before the season starts, but things don’t look good. I’m pretty sure they won’t be fun to watch either.

I have a hunch we won’t manage to put COVID behind us this year. However, I think most people will continue to ignore it.

This is an easy one, but the effects of climate change will get worse. And we’ll still lack the political will to do anything meaningful about it.

I’m pretty sure that the popular arts will continue to be creatively bankrupt.

That’s about all I can think of. I’m clearly feeling pretty pessimistic. I hope I’m wrong about all of these except the aliens. What do you think? Will I be right about any of this?

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