Good Riddance to 2022

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

2022 was not my best year. Most significantly, I had a major depressive episode that it took me months to crawl out of. That messed up my student teaching in the spring making me have to redo it in the fall. I’d never heard of anyone failing their student teaching before. I kind of wonder if I’m the first one. Luckily, I passed the second time around. Although in order to become a teacher, you have to do something called the edTPA. There was no passing score in the spring, so I was fine. They added a passing score in the fall, and, of course, I didn’t pass. It seems silly to add a cutoff score with the current teacher shortage, but that’s how my luck works. Who knows, now, if I’ll ever be a teacher. Add to that COVID continuing to be a problem, inflation unlike anything we’ve seen in 40 years, the virtually unwatchable Red Sox coming in last and the cheating Astros winning the world series.

So, yeah, not my best year.

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