A Few Thoughts on What’s Happening in the House of Representatives

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Kevin McCarthy really wants to be the next Speaker of the House. I mean he really wants it. And he’s close. He can probably taste it. The problem is that the House has voted six times and McCarthy has lost all six.

My first thought is that this whole thing is objectively funny. Talk about dysfunctional government. The Republicans seized power in the House in the 2022 election and now they can’t pick a leader. It’s hilarious. It’s also funny that essentially no one is running against McCarthy. He can’t win a one candidate election. As Miss Krabappel would say, “Ha!”

At the same time, it’s kinda serious that McCarthy can’t win as long as these 20 radical Republicans continue to block him. Without a speaker, the House literally can’t do anything. The position is one of the most powerful and important in the country. The speaker is third in line for the presidency. The government won’t be able to function if they can’t elect a speaker.

The third thing I’m thinking about is how long can this go on? The hardliners will likely block any other candidates that are palatable to the mainstream. I saw that the Republicans are appealing to the Democrats to help them out of this mess. I hope the Democrats refuse. The longer this goes on, the worse it is for the Republicans and the better it is for the country.

But the main thing I keep thinking about is how funny this is. Who needs political satire when this is the actual government? How embarrassed must McCarthy be? I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun following politics.

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