Dental Coverage

Photo by Rudi Fargo on Unsplash

I got a letter in the mail today from my dentist. It was to inform me that their practice will no longer be accepting my insurance. They were nice enough to tell me that if (if?!) I wanted to find a new dentist, they would forward my records to a new practice. Of course I’m going to find a new dentist. Who has the money to pay a dentist out of pocket? Certainly not me.

It’s especially frustrating because the only reason I was going to this dentist is because the dentist I was seeing before also stopped accepting my insurance. What happens when I run out of dentists?

The fact that I’m insured but have trouble finding and keeping a provider is just more proof that America’s health care system is a disaster. Dental health is health. It’s about time the insurance companies figured that out.

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