Campaign Slogans

2020 is fast approaching and, while some have dropped out, there are still fifteen Democrats running for president. It’s confusing keeping track of them all. To try to help, I figured I’d present an honest, and hopefully memorable, slogan for each candidate.

Michael Bennet: Just a guy running for president

Joe Biden: Huh? What?

Michael Bloomberg: I’m richer than the other rich guy

Cory Booker: Will somebody please notice me?

Pete Buttigieg: I may be white and male, but I’m young and I’m gay

Julian Castro: I worked for Obama

John Delaney: I’ve been running forever

Tulsi Gabbard: Democrat? Are you sure?

Amy Klobuchar: Biding my time

Deval Patrick: Wait, I’m running for president?

Bernie Sanders: Hey, Democrats can be racist and sexist, too

Tom Steyer: I’m the other rich guy

Elizabeth Warren: Pay attention everyone, this is important

Marianne Williamson: I like miracles

Andrew Yang: F***ing free money, nerds!

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