In Praise of Rodents

Rodents have a bad rap and it’s totally undeserved.  When people think of rodents, they always think of mice and rats.  In fact, there are tons of rodents.  According to Wikipedia, 40% of all mammals are rodents.  Most of them, even the mice and rats, are really extraordinary creatures.  Beavers are rodents.  They can cut down trees with their teeth and build huge, complex dams.  Groundhogs can predict the weather (not really, but they are great diggers).  Voles support the whole winter ecosystem by creating the subnivean zone.  Moles help aerate the soil and move nutrients around.  Squirrels plant forests.  I could go on, but there are hundreds of amazing rodents.  Plus, they are almost all cute.  That’s why so many beloved children’s characters are rodents.  Oh, and don’t forget that rats and mice literally help save lives every day.  So, on this Groundhog Day, take a moment to appreciate the rodents, except for hamsters because hamsters are awful.

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