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Gene Glotzer and I started this blog almost a year ago. In our friendly discussions, we often found that our opinions on many topics didn’t fit into the traditional political and social categories, and we assumed that most other people’s don’t either. We began Nutmegger Daily as a way to share our writing with an audience that we knew existed- readers who wanted a different, less hyperbolic take on the world. We’ve had a lot of fun, and we hope that we’ve produced an article or two that you’ve enjoyed.

One year later, we’ve built a small but growing readership, and we’re ready to take the next step. We’ve launched a Patreon page for Nutmegger Daily. With your support, we’re hoping to accomplish two goals:

1) Covering the hosting fees for this blog

2) Building a buget to begin advertising the blog more broadly (for example, using the Facebook “Promoted Page” feature)

Our third goal is more ambitious- we want to begin featuring other writers on our blog. To do so, we need to be able to pay them. Gene and I both agree that writing is a skill which deserves compensation, and before we ask anyone else to write for us, we want to have money to pay them with. Our Patreon will help us to meet all of these goals.

If you enjoy our writing and want to see more, please consider making a donation. No amount is too small, and we offer rewards for readers who can contribute at specific levels. If you can’t donate, then please comment on our articles, like and share them with your friends. We’d really appreciate it, and every bit of exposure helps!

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