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Introducing Jam Sessions!

Hey everybody! I want to invite y’all to my new Twitch channel, Jam Sessions! It’s a creative writing stream where I write live while interacting with the chat and, hopefully soon, take your phone calls. I’ll be live at, and you can find the uploads of my videos there and at my YouTube channel, […]

Them Changes

Back in February of 2012, I started a blog called Proof I Never Want To Be President (Of Anything). The name of the blog was a joke about the way the press covers politics. If a politician ever misspeaks, it is a “gaffe” and the press goes on and on about it. And, even worse, […]

“Manufactured Childhood”

In his book Deschooling Society, Ivan Illich takes issue with the way that children are treated. In Chapter 2, “Phenomenology of School,” Illich writes, His thoughts about childhood in relation to school have really stayed with me, especially as a result of the pandemic. Making society “livable for the young” takes on a whole new […]

Happy First Contact Day!

For the uninitiated, First Contact Day is a holiday in Star Trek. It celebrates April 5th, 2063, the day that aliens (namely the Vulcans) make first contact with us. To the rest of us, it represents one of the most important future dates in human history. I believe that there is life elsewhere in the […]

What Is Love?

I’m up writing right now because my ex-wife texted me with a question. “What was the name of the story that Lary Bloom wrote about you?” It was called Urban Love, and the story focused on me, but it was actually about us and how we met. I still remember the first line of it: […]

I Can’t Play Monster Hunter

The first time I tried to play Monster Hunter was all the way back in 2010 with a demo for Monster Hunter Tri. I booted up the game and was transported to a fantasy world of vast, wild environments and epic creatures roaming freely. I remember running in an open field and coming across a […]

Without a Rope

I cried while I was rewatching The Dark Knight Rises, specifically during this scene. I cried because I’m lonely. I want someone to love, and for that person to love me back. So as many times as I’ve watched this scene, both as part of the movie or as the standalone YouTube video, today was […]

How Do We Update These Ideas?

My friend Gene recently wrote about the failure of imagination which progressives suffer from. His main point was that people who claim to be trying to radically change the world are attempting to do so with centuries-old ideas such as anarchism. I admit that I felt targeted, because I’ve recently been reading more about anarchism […]

Neera Tanden’s Defeat Would Not Make Me Happy

I don’t think Neera Tanden should run the Office of Budget and Management because she suggested that we should have Libya pay us back for attacking them, in order to convince Americans to continue to “engage” with the world in the future: It’s completely bonkers that Tanden put the ability to drop bombs on people […]

Disgaea Changed My Life

The first time I played Disgaea: Hour of Darkness was 2004. I’d just been kicked out of college. My depression had me sleeping all day and staying up all night, so a time sink like Disgaea was exactly what I needed. The most recent time I played it was yesterday. I recently broke up with […]