Government In Action (Seriously)

A while back, I wrote a post about an incident involving former Major League Baseball player and current ESPN analyst Doug Glanville and the West Hartford Police Department.  It was kind of the perfect storm to set me off.  I liked Glanville as a player and like him as an analyst.  I find West Hartford to be incredibly annoying.  So, when West Hartford did something incredibly annoying to someone I like, I had to write about it.
The Hartford Courant ran an article the other day about a bill that just passed Connecticut’s House of Representatives that would have prevented the incident from happening.  Essentially, it says that town police officers cannot cross town lines to enforce a town ordinance.  It’s one of those bills that just makes so much sense I can’t believe it hasn’t always been the case.   It will stop police from harassing people over shoveling snow.  It will not stop police from pursuing real criminals.  I would think the police would support this whole heartedly.  I imagine it’s annoying wasting time and effort on rogue snow shovelers.    Of course, I would also think police would want stronger gun control measures since it would make their jobs safer and easier.  So, what do I know?
Anyway, the bill has only passed the House.  The Senate and Governor still need to approve it for anything to happen.  I just wanted to take a minute and express my approval.  I also wanted to thank Doug Glanville.  He was wronged and spoke up about it, and now there may be a fix so that other people are not wronged in a similar manner.

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