Lefty Sexism

I’m normally very interested in politics.  I pay close attention.  I vote.  I like to talk and argue about politics.  And I like to write about politics.  This election is different, though.  I find myself avoiding the news.  I don’t want to talk about it or write about it.  A small part of that comes from the fact that this election is so obvious that there isn’t much worth saying.  There’s one good candidate and one pathetic candidate.  Vote for the good one.  It’s pretty simple.  But the bigger reason I’m avoiding this election is the feeling of disgust brought up from the constant, all pervasive sexism in the race and its coverage.

My disgust mostly comes from the left.  The sexism from Fox and Rush Limbaugh is awful, but completely expected.  If that were enough to turn me off politics, I would have never started paying attention.  It’s the sexism coming from the self proclaimed liberals and progressives that has made this election intolerable.  There are just so many people on the left so desperate to not vote for Clinton that they believe the garbage that the right has been saying about her for the past twenty-five years.

The other day I had the thought that it’s strange that most people, certainly most people on the left, seem to realize that Obama is not a secret Muslim, that he was born in the U.S., that he did not start ISIS and that he does not hate America.  But many of these same people believe that Clinton is a liar, flip-flopper, war monger, criminal who is involved in cover ups and drove her husband into the arms of another woman.  They believe that she is a puppet of Wall Street and that she cheated in the primaries against Bernie.  The reason it’s strange is that the evidence for all the claims against Obama is the same as the evidence for all the claims against Clinton.  In other words, it’s all been made up.

I hate knowing that if Hillary Clinton just had a penis, this would be a bigger landslide than Reagan in ’84.  I certainly don’t agree with every position she has ever held, but the more I see her and learn about her, the more impressed I am.  She has almost everything I look for in a president.  I’m pretty sure the current state of the right makes them a lost cause.  I just wish the left could be more open minded.  If given an honest chance, she’ll impress all of us.


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