I Dreamed a Dream Last Night

I almost never remember my dreams. It’s so rare that I wrote about it the last time I remembered a dream. That was December 30, 2019 (a pre-pandemic dream!). Well, it happened again last night. And this one was truly bizarre. It’s a bit jumbled and confused as dreams tend to be, but I’ll recreate it the best I can.

I was at my parents’ house when my band showed up. We were crashing there for a few nights. My brother and friend were there as the guitarist and singer (they actually play guitar and sing in the band I play with). But there were two other guys, the drummer and keyboard player, but I have no idea who they were. Even in the dream they were strangers. I don’t know how you can be in band with strangers, but it was a dream. There was also this woman in the band, but I have no idea what she did. She was also a stranger.

We all split up to go on some band mission. No idea what the mission was, but we each had assignments. As I was out doing my part, I pulled out my phone. Only it wasn’t my phone. I had accidentally grabbed one of my bandmates’ phones. So, I went back to my parents’, and no one was there. I found my phone, but still didn’t know whose phone I had. I started really stressing out about how to get the phone back to its rightful owner.

Then, there was a little interlude (Is that a thing in dreams?). As I was panicking about the phone, my sister-in-law came in (my other brother’s wife). She had something important to tell me. She told me that Roy Halladay wasn’t really dead. He and RA Dickey faked the whole thing as an insurance scam. (This is really, really bizarre if you know my sister-in-law. I’m completely positive she has no idea who Roy Hallady and RA Dickey are. And, even if she did, she wouldn’t think it’s a big enough deal to track me down at my parents’ house to tell me.)

Immediately after that, I was at the vet’s, which is apparently where we were playing a gig that night. It wasn’t a typical vet’s office, but more like a compound. They let me in, and I played with a three-legged dog for a little while. Then, I tried to find my bandmates to return the phone I had accidentally picked up. I found my brother, my friend, and the woman. But not the other two. We determined that the phone belonged to one of them. Then, the vet came over and told us that we’d been bumped, but we should stay in case a spot opened up later. The rest of the dream was taken up with the vet and the strange bandmate woman obviously, openly flirting with me and it making me more and more uncomfortable.

Everything about this was weird. And none of it made any sense at all. I know that’s how dreams are, but I woke up with a really uncomfortable feeling, almost like guilt. I’m mystified as to what, in the dream, I would have to feel guilty about. I took someone’s phone by accident, but I was conscientiously trying to return it. I did indirectly accuse Roy Halladay and RA Dickey of a crime. I can’t figure that out at all. I’m a big fan of both. It still makes me sad to think about Doc’s plane crash. Then there was the two people flirting with me, in a dream. I’m currently unattached in real life, so I don’t think it’s a problem if I flirt, especially in a dream. But I don’t think I was even flirting back.

So, all of you armchair dream analysts out there, have at it. What’s up with my strange little brain?

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