I’ve Got Dreams to Remember

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I rarely remember my dreams. Like, maybe once a year will a dream stick with me. It’s so rare that I wrote two posts about dreams I remembered (here and here). Lately, though, I’ve been remembering my dreams. They are waking me up 3-4 times a night. I wouldn’t call them nightmares, but they’re very unpleasant. I want it to stop.

A few of them are standard dream stuff, like showing up to work without pants on. The weird thing is I get super self-conscious and embarrassed, but no one else seems to notice that I’m pantsless.

Most of them are worse than that. The other night, I dreamed that I was at a friend’s house. Her husband (whom I’ve never met) was dumping all kinds of things in their front yard. Not like moving boxes, but shelves and books and clothes and things like that. I was trying to help my friend get everything put away, but her husband was dumping faster than we could possibly keep up with. I called my brothers to help, but it didn’t do any good. Eventually, I got overwhelmed and started panicking. That’s when I woke up, covered in sweat.

I’ve had several where my friends and family are giving me the silent treatment. That’s no fun at all. One strange one was I was trying to climb a staircase, only I couldn’t lift my foot high enough to put it on the first step. It was like my foot weighed 1,000 pounds. It really hurt when I tried to lift it. Then, everyone started laughing at me because I couldn’t do something simple like walk up some stairs.

Another common theme is work dreams. Only they’re not from my current job. They are always from jobs I’ve had in the past. These are basically me being complete inept. I can’t remember my login credentials, I don’t know the safe combination, I can’t even remember what alphabetical order is. I’m in constant fear of being fired.

It’s possible one of my medications is causing this. One of the side effects is vivid dreams. I wouldn’t mind vivid dreams if any of them were good dreams. I’d like to try flying or winning something or seeing unicorns. Anything would be better than the dreams I’m actually having. I talked to my doctor about it and we’re going to try changing the medication. Hopefully I’ll go back to not remembering my dreams. We’ll see what happens.

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