Vote – Midterm Primary Edition

In Connecticut, where I think most of my readers are, the primaries are this Tuesday. Every time an election is coming up, I like to remind everyone to vote. I know that’s a tall order for a midterm primary, but I want to urge every eligible voter to go out this Tuesday and vote.

The nice thing about primaries is that they are about the only time that average citizens can move the major parties. Left leaning Democrats often complain that the Democrats in office are too conservative and right leaning Republicans complain the Republicans in office are too liberal. Primaries are the time to change that. Look at how far left Bernie Sanders moved the mainstream Democrats, we’ve seen socialists elected in other primaries, and look at how far fascist Trump pulled the mainstream Republicans, we have the government declaring that the press is the enemy. If you’re a Democrat that wants to keep the party moving left, now’s your chance. And if you’re a Republican that wants to pull away from fascism, now is also your chance.

When I write these posts, I don’t usually say who I think people should vote for. I just want people to vote. I’m still not going to say who to vote for, but I do want to make a plea to all of the Democrats in Connecticut. Please, please, please, please do not vote for Ganim. We’re not that far away from having a felon kicked out of the governor’s office with Rowland. The last thing we want is to elect another known felon to the same position. The farther away we keep Ganim, the better.

So, that’s it. Tuesday, primary day, is almost here. Go out and vote. You can make a difference.

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