A Problem With the Election Coverage

I have a problem with the election coverage. No one is talking about it. The election is in less than two weeks and it seems like most people don’t even know who’s running, let alone who to vote for. How is a democracy supposed to work when elections get ignored.
If the press would do their job, I think things would get better. People need to know that they can have a say in their mayors and school boards and town councils. In some cases, they even have a say in their fire and police commissioners and even judges. If people knew that, why would they ignore the election?
So, here I am, trying to do my part. There is an election on November third and it will impact you whether you vote or not. So try to make that impact as positive as possible. Take five minutes to find out who is running. Find out what they want to do with your schools, roads and taxes. Then, on November third, go vote.

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