Don’t Watch The Debate, Please

The second Presidential debate is tonight and I implore you, please do not watch it.  There is literally nothing to be gained by watching.  But, that’s true of every presidential debate.  This debate is different, though.  There is a moral obligation to avoid watching tonight.  You see, there is simply no debate about who you should vote for in November.  Hillary Clinton is the only real option.  But, electing Clinton, even with 100% of the vote, would still leave us with a problem.  And zero viewers for tonight’s debate is the best way we have to try to fix it.

The simple fact that Donald Trump is a major party nominee for President of the United States is an abomination.  Trump is nothing.  He’s a loser.  He’s a sad, pathetic, little, mean man.  Essentially he’s just famous for being famous.  He’s an ugly Kardashian, nothing more.  The situation we’re in now is because the press has been allowed to turn the 2016 Presidential Election into a reality show.  The only way to stop a reality show is to stop watching it.

Let’s start tonight.  If nobody watches tonight’s debate and nobody watches any of the media outlets when they cover this travesty, things will change.  Les Moonves was right when he said Trump, “may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”  If we want to put a stop to Trump, and this whole disgusting situation, we need to make sure it is bad for CBS and every other media outlet.  And to make it bad for them, we need to stop watching.  If you watch, if you give them ratings, you are contributing to the problem.  So, please, if you care about anything good, do not watch tonight’s debate.

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